Here at Taiko we strive to provide the best and most authentic Japanese Cuisine! We offer traditional Japanese dishes, including sushi, tampura, bento, ramen, and much more! Come by and take advantage of Happy Hour at any time, every day!

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More reviews from our visitors

Author: Carol Carillo
"This is one of the best Japanese restaurants ever! Their food is outstanding and of the highest quality. I'm Japanese myself and have actually had some pretty good Japanese food. In addition to the high quality sushi, what makes this restaurant especially great is the way you are taken care of. The owners, Toshi and Maggie, are amazing people who know my family's names when we walk in. They remember what we like to order and treat us like we're family. Toshi is a master creator of various unique sushi choices. He creates many of his own sauces and every one is an amazing taste sensation. I can't recommend this restaurant enough. Go there and you won't be disappointed!"

Author: Annie
"We moved to Phonenix from California couple years ago. We were having hard time to find a good Japanses restaurant in Phoenix. Luckily, we found Taiko. Their food are as good as what we had in California. They have varieties Japanese food; sushi, tempura, sukiyaki, reman...etc. There are many Japanese restaurants in Phoenix, but this is the only one we will definitely go back and bring freiends over. Once you try it, you will LOVE IT!!!"

Author: Patricia
"Whether you are visiting the states on business and missing a taste of home, a local Japanese family wanting a little authenticity and a night out or a newcomer to Japanese cuisine, Taiko is the place for you. Upon entering, you will be greeted by the owners, Toshi and Maggie Terashima who know everyone who comes through the door by name. The menu is reasonably priced and offered in both English and Japanese. Can’t find it? Ask! Finally Taiko’s best kept secret is the monthly offering of the “Kaiseki”, a traditional-style Japanese banquet meal. Taiko: Chandler’s diamond in the rough!"

Author: Terrance Miyozaki
"Being half Japanese American myself and hailing from southern California, I know Japanese food through and through. Needless to say, Taiko is simply the best anywhere in the state of Arizona. Everything tastes spot-on, from the elaborate items like uni (sea urchin) sushi and unagi (freshwater eel), to the basics like miso and white rice. The wait-staff is very good and they always remember you the next time you visit. What is even better is the fact that the owners are actually Japanese, as the vast majority of Japanese cuisine restaurants in the Phoenix area are Caucasian or Korean American owned. If you want to know what Japanese food is really supposed to taste like, go here."

Author: Annie Liao
"We finally found a GOOD Japanese restaurant in Phoenix! If you have been to Japan and like to try the REAL Japanese food, you should go Taiko!!! There are many Japanese restaurants in Phoenix; however, this is the ONLY one that I will go back and bring friends over. Their price is good and food is great! When you have a chance in the area, remember to try the great Japanese food from Taiko!!!"