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To celebrate our 5 year anniversary, Schilo will take you on the journey he has taken to become the chef he is right now, celebrating the sources of his inspiration

Throughout the year, exclusive four-hands dining experiences in collaboration with international chefs selected by Schilo will celebrate this special milestone. The collaborating chefs have influenced Schilo at some point in his career, up to future developments with Taiko in 2020. Expect beautifully composed dinners with modern Japanese influences to authentic Indian cuisine in combination with Schilo’s signature dishes.  


On 3 and 4 November, we kicked off the first Four-hands dinner with Albert Adrià, the genius behind the highly acclaimed, Michelin starred, no. 25 of The World’s 50 Best Restaurants. He recently reopened PAKTA after closing for 3 months, evolving the concept from a Japanese-Peruvian Nikkei restaurant to a Mediterranean-Japanese Nikkei. “His ground-breaking creativity inspires me to always push further”, Schilo says. “Of course I am very excited that Albert Adria brings my two favorite countries, Japan and Spain, together with his restaurant Pakta. With his creativity, we can almost expect the impossible to become possible.” Schilo feels lucky to have been working with Albert. “The Adria brothers are the godfathers of all creative cooking, causing an enormous impact in the culinary scene and beyond”, he says. “They’ve put the ground-breaking creative side of food on the map, which shaped an entire generation of chefs, including myself.”  


After the successful collaboration with Albert Adrià, it's time to welcome the next genius; chef Hisato Hamada. Mastermind behind the sandwich ‘Wagyu Katsu Sando’ and co-owner of WAGYUMAFIA. Schilo; “I love it when Japanese cuisine becomes creative. As good as they are in maintaining tradition, the excitement that WAGYUMAFIA brings, comes from the creativity of a new generation that they represent. It’s east meets west in the best possible way.” Instagram plays a big role for WAGYUMAFIA. “It is a reflection of our current time”, Schilo says. “The performance that they make is something we have not seen in The Netherlands, until now.”  


Next up, we welcome Bobby Geetha from Asha's, the award winning best Indian restaurant in Dubai. “We know Indian food only as home cooked comfort food”, says Schilo. “When I worked in Dubai I ate Indian food every day. But I want to show people that there is so much to learn from the real Indian cuisine. That’s what Bobby brings to Amsterdam for two nights. He has a modern way of cooking, with respect for traditional Indian flavors. That makes it very refined, high quality Indian cuisine. - Postponed till further notice -

Taiko Asian Restaurant

Van Baerlestraat 27
1071 AN Amsterdam
+31 (0)20 570 0000
The Netherlands
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